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Invitation to join a Conscious Relating Group

“Sharing the Witness”

Local and virtual small groups for mindful and spiritually-inclined peers navigating the challenges, opportunities, and joy of exploring relationships informed and inspired by the next stages of human consciousnesses.

The practice of a Conscious Relating Group focuses on abiding more in a present-moment sense-of-self whose traits are an increased capacity to be aware, immediate insight, and direct experience while orienting less to conditioned egoic mind patterns. Words can be limiting, but once experienced, you innately know it firsthand.

Why “Sharing the Witness?”

We are at a time of great collective distress – and great potential. There is an expansion of human consciousness occurring to meet these challenges and opportunities. All relationships are rapidly becoming the leading-edge domain to support, and participate with this unprecedented evolution of humankind.

Group Conscious Relating Practices (also known as co-witnessing) are powerful new and emerging relational modalities which activate higher and deeper states of consciousness via focused interaction with others while honoring proven safe protocols.

Presence, Present-Moment-Experience, Being, Witness Consciousness, Waking-up: the name mattes not, the root of these experiences are the same.  All authentic consciousness and spiritual work orient to accessing the heartfelt pure awareness at the core of our sense-of-self. A vivid and lucid sense-of-self derived more from Being or Presence; and less from the conditioned, habitual, and often limited aspects of ego.

Conscious Relating Groups such as “Sharing the Witness” activate and stabilize such higher relationship competencies via safe, enjoyable and satisfying small Practice Groups.

Group Schedule + Details

Who is this for?

These groups are open to those who have a spiritual or evolution-of-consciousness perspective, orientation, and practice. A free no obligation orientation session is needed to establish a shared-context for best-practice, and enhance a good fit for semi-autonomous group work (only half of the group time is facilitated – remaining half of group time participants interact un-facilitated orienting to shared context and practice).


Groups meet either locally in person in Boulder Colorado every-other-week on the same day for 90 minutes at 6PM MT; or separately via Zoom videoconferencing every-other-week on the same day for 90 minutes at 6PM PDT (9PM EDT) for US-Canada, and 6PM UTC for Europe.


Whether locally in-person in Boulder, or separately via Zoom videoconferencing worldwide; small groups of the same people meet to support familiarity and inclusiveness (total group size is a maximum of 9 people – interactive work ‘breaks out’ into groups of 3 people). Sessions include group meditations, facilitated processes, and open/directed discussions.

Groups are periodically formed in an ongoing manner, and once formed, groups remain “closed” with the same participants for approximately 3 months. Thereafter new groups are formed with both existing and new participants.

How Conscious Relating Groups support the development of higher and deeper states of consciousness

“Please understand, it’s not you that wakes up, reality wakes up.” – Adyashanti

Group Conscious Relating Practice (also known as co-witnessing) draws from proven shifts in consciousness demonstrated through: don Miguel Ruiz’s 4 Agreements, The Byron Katie Work, Compassionate Mind Training, Dialectical Behavioral Work, Higher-self inquiry and imagery work, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, Marshall Rosenberg‘s Non-Violent Communication, Shadow Work, and Thomas Hübl’s Transparent Communication.

  • This is very different from group therapy or support groups.
  • Group Conscious Relating Practice induces relating more from the artful and creative traits of Presence and Witness Consciousness.
  • Simultaneously, the often negative and contracted impact of limited ego/mind consciousness can naturally “give way.”

Over time, regular Conscious Relating Practices builds durable resourcefulness based in the broader capacities of higher-consciousness. The common and frustrating “application gap” where theories and teachings sound and feel true, but real-world usefulness doesn’t show-up… This is much less of a dilemma with Group Conscious Relating. Real shifts, even transformation, shows-up in surprising and immediate ways. This high degree of “practice being realized in life” is  primarily due to the highly experiential nature of Conscious Relating Practices – more experience, less theory.

Apart from often focused approaches to higher-consciousness, Group Conscious Relating (co-witnessing) can be viewed like exercising together, or sharing a slightly strenuous hike. In either example, you enjoy the experience, push yourself a little, feel safe and supported, while gently interrupting familiar but limiting patterns; this naturally activates innate somatic wisdom. Over time you are healthier, stronger. With commitment, you transform.

Similarly, pushing into unknown but safe interactions with Conscious Relating Practice partners can shift and update familiar but limiting patterns in our identity. Shared practice protocols support feeling safe while moving through awkwardness. Indeed as those who work with authentic transformation can tell you, life truly begins at the edge of our comfort zone.  Over time, an unshakeable and more resourceful core sense-of-self can naturally emerge. Conscious Relating Practice artfully supports this potent dynamic.

Such safe yet challenging relational practice with spiritually inclined peers naturally activates our innate but often obscured Being-based-awareness. Supporting the development of higher and deeper states of consciousness, always timeless in value, is perhaps now needed in 2022 as never before.

About BeingBasedRelating and the Facilitator

Chris Menné MA
Transpersonal Psychology

Committed to serving the higher-consciousness which is emerging in the world today, Chris left an established career as an airline pilot, and immersed himself in graduate studies of Psychology, Consciousness, and Spirituality, eventually receiving an MA in Transpersonal Psychology.

Drawing upon 20 years of life experience with many teachers, personal growth and transformational modalities, and dedicated to a high standard of professional delivery, Chris applies his graduate work in direct teachings, coaching and counseling.

Supporting high-level psychospiritual growth to realize desires and potentials, while simultaneously attending to needed healing of past and present issues are the core aspects of  Chris’ counseling and facilitation.

BeingBasedRelating coaching, counseling, practices, and courses apply proven transpersonal resources and practices (i.e. “trans-personal” – includes and transcends the personal sense-of-self). Focus is on developing an evolving self based more in awareness, insight, and direct experience; and less in unexamined ego/mind, life circumstances, and conditioning. To include and transcend ego in an ongoing way – sometimes referred to as adult-development and self-actualization.

(Rates and methods applied for individual with Chris are available here)

“Chris is a deeply caring human being who brings to his intentions a gifted intuitiveness and a keen intelligence. I find Chris unique in his understanding and respect for different and complementary ways of knowing, spiritual traditions, and methods of caring. In addressing the challenges of introducing powerful changes in life, Chris can be counted on to utilize skillful approaches which result in satisfying and lasting transformation.”

Gregory Steinwand, Psy D

Boulder, Colorado

Until further notice, in response to an increase in everyday anxiety, depression, and stress revealed in a post pandemic world, the group subscription cost of $20 a month is being waived, and joining a group is free.

A complimentary orientation session is needed to join a group

Details about the orientation session, and how to set up the orientation session are provided via 1st scheduling an inquiry through the link below. The initial inquiry and orientation session may be combined. All inquiries and orientation sessions are free and non-obligatory.

 Questions? Here’s how to reach out:

Ego fears, wants, interprets; often needs to control or withdraw. Presence perceives, experiences, accepts; then acts.
Ego reacts; Presence responds.